Bill Toner

We All Need A Trusted Advisor

“There Are Those Who Travel & Those Who Are Going Somewhere.
They Are Different, And Yet They Are The Same.

Successful People Have This Over Their Rivals;
They Know Where They Are Going.”

The Stakes Are High & Your Time Is Limited.
For Many, Life Is Getting More Complex & Dynamic,
Yet Families Are Seeking More Simplicity.

My Role Is To Peacefully Unburden People From The Overwhelm Of A Significant Financial Issue --Either A Positive Opportunity Or A Negative Event.

“To Achieve Great Things,
Two Things Are Needed:
A Plan, And Not Quite Enough Time.”
-Leonard Bernstein

Beauty. Truth. Solitude.
Well-Being. Progress. Freedom.

“It’s A Beautiful World.
Everyday Different, Everyday Beautiful.
Enjoy The Photos Below From My Journey.”

“I Am Looking Forward To Discussing What Is On Your Mind”

“Money is Everywhere, It Affects All Of Us, & Confuses Most Of Us. Close, Confidential Relationships Allow Us To Anticipate Our Clients' Needs & Accelerate Prudent Progress On Their Behalf. Values Inform Our Decisions At Every Level Of Our Business Journey Together.”

-William T. Toner, CFP®,  AIF®

“Money is Everywhere, It Affects All Of Us, & Confuses Most Of Us. Close, Confidential Relationships Allow Us To Anticipate Our Clients' Needs & Accelerate Prudent Progress On Their Behalf. Values Inform Our Decisions At Every Level Of Our Business Journey Together.”-William T. Toner, CFP®,  AIF®, PDC, EMT, MCA 200GT, 2w3

William T. Toner Manages: Plains Coastal (Est. 2016) & (Est. 2020) Which Are Designed To Bring Clarity, Support & Resolution To Life’s Most Significant Financial Decisions & Conflicts. His Focus Is On Strategic Decision Making, People, Processes, Communication, & Structure, Not Daily Money Management.

The Conventional View Of Leadership or ‘Advice Givers/Sellers’ Emphasizes Positional Power & Conspicuous Accomplishment. I Believe True Leadership Is About Creating A ‘Place’ Where We Learn & Become More Capable Of Participating In Our Unfolding Future.A True Leader Sets The Stage Whereby More Successful Outcomes Can & Do Occur.There Is No “Silver Bullet” That Can Make Entrepreneurial Wealth Or A Family Business Last.You May Have Heard The Old Proverb, “Shirtsleeves To Shirtsleeves In Three Generations.” In Italy, “From The Stable To The Stars & Back Again.” In Japan, The Expression Goes, “Rice Paddies To Rice Paddies In Three Generations.” The Scottish Say, “The Father Buys, The Son Builds, The Grandchild Sells, & His Son Begs.” In Old English, “There’s Nobbut Three Generations Atween A Clog & Clog.” In China, “Wealth Never Survives Three Generations.” Or “From Peasant Shoes To Peasant Shoes In Three Generations.” In The Spanish Language, This Is Stated As, “Who Doesn’t Have It, Does It, & Who Has It, Misuses It.” Within That Culture, They Summarize The Three Generation “Rule” As:
First Generation, Trader; Second Generation, Gentleman; Third Generation, Beggar. Those Born Poor Want More, & Those Born Rich Desire Simplicity. The Third Generation Is Haunted By Something Called “Curse Of Wealth”.
Because They:
1. Have Absolutely No Idea What It Took To Create The Empire.
2. Have Little Knowledge How To Fix What Breaks.
3. Have A Nagging Fear Of Poverty.
All The While Watching The Wealth (Both Tangible & Intangible) Shrivel Under Their Management.If You Are Unaware Of This Dynamic, It Is Of Critical Importance To Understanding The Scope & Impact Of Your Decisions As They Relate To Your Wealth & Business.There Are Very Few “Best Practices” In The Sense That There Are Things That Work For Every Family Or Every Business. Each Family & Business Is Unique. What Works Well In One Generation May Be A Disaster In The Next.What is A Entrepreneurial Family To Do?The Key To Making Entrepreneurial Wealth Or A Family Business Endure For Generations Is Understanding The Power Of Family Ownership; Well-Being, Progress, & Freedom. Being Able To Measure & Communicate (Well-Being, Progress, & Freedom) Individually & Collectively (As a Family Unit) Internally & Externally, Is A Basis For A Strong Foundation Of Resilience & Durability. This Internal Awareness And Communication Posture Increases The Ability Of Our Trusted Advisors & Subject Matter Experts We Employ To Assist On Our Terms In Ways That Align With Our Values And Dreams.Through Language, We Create The Future Because It Is Nothing Until We Describe It.Understanding This Can Turn Ambiguity & Uncertainty Into A Journey Which Allows Us To Discover Unplanned Treasures In The Unknown. The Intentional Act Of Participating In This Process (& Documenting It) Will Help Answer Our Own Questions As Well As The Questions Of Our Children & Successors. Together We Can Work To Continually Deepen Our Understanding Of Reality, Fine Tune Our Awareness & Our Ability To Participate In Shaping The Future By Having The Courage To Do What Is Required At A Moment's Notice.In These Moments, We Create The Future Where Freedom & Destiny Merge.

Plains Coastal Serves As A Catalyst For Those Mission-Driven People & Families Who Are Experiencing A Significant Life Transition Or A Change-Of-Mission. For More Information Click Here. Which Provides Organized, Objective, Oversight Advisory Services To Clients Challenged With The Unique Professional & Personal Concerns Of Family Wealth & Business. For More Information Click Here.