Bill Toner

I Don’t Trust, I Verify.

For Over 10 Years,
I Have Guided Clients
To Achieve Their
Most Important Goals
Based On Their
Most Closely Held Values.

I Believe One Cannot Have Consistent &
True Progress, Well-Being, or Freedom
In Their Life Without Proper Planning,
Heart-Centered Financial Guidance & Management.

I Love Assisting Families & Their Entities
Who Are Committed To
Protecting & Or Improving
What They Hold Dear.

True Planning Is Not Only About Numbers
It Is About What Is In Your Heart
& Staying True to Your Heart.

I Help:
Business Owners
Successful Families
& Their Advisors

As a Certified Financial Planner™
& Accredited Investment Fiduciary®
I Provide A Values-Based Framework
Utilizing State-Of-The-Art Technology,
To Plan For & Resolve Client Matters.

I Provide Organized, Objective Financial
Guidance & Advice Along With
Ongoing Oversight & Peer Review,
So My Clients Can Make Wise Decisions
Within A High Integrity,
Conflict-Free Environment
To Live & Enjoy Their Best Life Possible.

If You Are Now At That Point Where
You Must Be Absolutely Certain
About Your Financial Matters
You Will Know Who You Must Call.

It Is What I Do & It Can Be Done For You.

“It’s A Beautiful World.
Everyday Different, Everyday Beautiful”